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While you won’t find “FlexiBUILDity” in the dictionary, it’s our way of saying that we are listening and that we understand you know what you want in your home. We are always flexible and deliver your home the way YOU want it. After all, enjoying your golden years means living in an environment of comfort, while remaining active and experiencing everything that this great retirement community has to offer. Modify a Home Plan You think you have found the perfect home plan but it needs a few minor changes. Moving a wall or changing doors and windows are the types or requests we are prepared to accommodate.
Space for Hobbies and Interests You want a home that functions around your life and it’s our goal to help you create it. Need a little extra space for hobbies or want to extend a garage for a woodshop or storage? We can make it happen. Special Requests While we may not be able to satisfy every request, our goal is to be open to your wishes. If you have any special physical needs we will work closely with you to insure that your retirement home functions appropriately for you.
Options & Features We offer a large selection optional features and products for your home. There are times when a customer would like a particular brand or color style that is not in our selection. If it is easily available and can be installed within our parameters we will consider these requests. Or if a particular item comes standard with our home and you would prefer a lesser value product we would be happy to credit you the difference.