About Us

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Our roots as a company come from our experience in custom homebuilding. We understand the need to not only deliver high quality, but also to be flexible in how we build your home. And this approach is essential when designing and building homes for an active adult community. We’re adept at creating warm, engaging environments, always with an eye on convenience and functionality. Many of our purchasers have owned several homes. They typically are educated consumers who know what they like in a home in both style and function. We take pride in developing a relationship and working with you to build your dream home.


South Creek Homes uses quality products throughout every new home in the Bailey’s Glen retirement community. True quality goes well beyond what you can see when you walk through a finished home. It’s using quality materials and workmanship that are not always visible.


We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, ensuring that all the parts and pieces of your home function and fit together. We do it right the first time. To us, it’s about building a home to a standard that is nothing less than if you were building it yourself.

We listen

We listen to our customers, recognizing that you know what you want in your new retirement home. We understand that we are building homes for real people who have put their trust, confidence and hard-earned money in our hands.